Flooring Case Review

Reviewing reports produced by Experts, Inspectors and National Inspection Services is our most valuable tool offered to Consumers and Attorneys whether litigation has begun, or not.





Case Review and Evaluations is a service provided to attorneys and end users to aid the decision making process through the litigation process or before litigation begins.


Quest reviews documents, inspection reports and interviews clients to obtain data to evaluate the litigation and estimate success.


The flooring industry is somewhat concise due to Industry Standards, Manufacturer Installation specifications and required site conditions required to install the materials. At Quest, we evaluate the collected data and compare that data to the various Industry Standards and Manufacturer Written statements to evaluate the probable cause of failure.

Knowing and understanding the probable cause of failure serves as the basis for the decision making process to litigate.


Flooring litigation decisions are based on technical facts, or should be, and Quest offers the ability to give non-prejudicial facts based on technical facts giving attorneys the ability to advise their clients to maximize success.


We provide the technical expertise, while the attorney provides the informed legal services and advice. Using Quest insures a basis of truth on which to structure informed decisions.


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